Senior Activities

Senior Activities at the Centre

Weekly Senior Activities

Pool Tournaments

There are 2 full size pool tables and one snooker table.  Pool practice time is available for members anytime during our operating hours. Every Wednesday at 10am sharp is the weekly Pool Tournament with an entry fee of $5.

Carpet Bowling

Carpet bowling is a great game for seniors to keep both their bodies and minds humming happily.  It is played with the aid of canes to move the balls around which is also handy if you happen to have mobility issues.  Played indoors, like conventional bowling, it is a good form of exercise for body and brain as it involves some strategy.  Currently Carpet Bowling is Thursdays at 9:30am.

Line Dancing

Come and have some fun and get some exercise too.  You will learn some new patterns every week, or practice the ones you already know and get some great exercise.  Line Dancing is Mon, Wed and Fri and check our Calendar for time schedule.

Schedules for our regular weekly activities and special events can be found on our calendar and may be posted on our facebook group. There are on-site lending libraries for books and puzzles and the centre is open weekdays as a great place to have lunch or meet with your friends over coffee.

More Activities

Our next Crib Tournament is set for Sunday September 24th at 1pm. Entry fee is $10 and the tournament is open to everyone over 19 years of age. Cash Prizes are based on the number of players. Some simple refreshments will be available.


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Quick Details

The Hart Pioneer Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Membership is available to anyone who is 50 years of age or older for a fee of $25 per year.​

There is a drop in fee for some of the activities if you are not a member but everyone is welcome.  For Pool Tournaments there is a $5 entry fee which gets paid out to the winners each week.

Check our Online Calendar for activity times and schedules.